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Banking Essays

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Banking Sector Fragility Causes

Discuss factors which have decisively contributed to the fragility of the contemporary banking sectors, as revealed in the form of the recent global…

Saudi Pak Commercial Bank: Analysis

To turnaround the Bank into a leading commercial bank by ensuring transparency, promoting technology, improving quality of human resource…

Barclays Bank Total Quality Management (TQM)

This study will limit itself to the assessment of operations department at Barclays Bank PLC. Information provided is strictly confidential and for…

UK Interest Rates During the Financial Crash

Central banks always have responsibility to keep a stable economy which includes stable prices, low inflation rate and confidence in the local economy….

Effects of Consumer Switching Costs

The assumption about switching cost is rather natural to the extent that borrowers satisfaction or dissatisfaction about a bank can be different…

E-Governance in Indian Banks: ICICI Bank

Good governance is based on the premise that the laws and procedures are transparent, clearly defined & understood by those governed and the…

State Bank of Patiala Analysis

After independence in 1947, the bank became a subsidiary of the state government of Punjab. In 1960, it became an associate bank of the State Bank Group.

Banking Structures and Regulation in the UK

To operate in the retail markets, bank have traditionally required an extensive branch network. However, technological developments in particular…

Internal Marketing in Banks

The HSBC Group has an international pedigree which is unique. Many of its principal companies opened for business over a century ago and they…

SWOT Analysis of HSBC Bank

HSBC is a leading provider of financial services to small, medium-sized and middle market enterprises. The group has over two million such customers…

Impacts of Amalgamations and Takeovers

Investigators have been analyzing amalgamations and takeovers in the context of their characteristics and the impact on the development of both…

HSBC and Foreign Market Strategies

What determines foreign market entry strategies? To answer this question, most existing literature has focused on the characteristics of the entering…

Islamic Banking Systems in the UK

This area will cover the basic and fundamentals of Islamic banking. It shows if the community and banks have a better understanding of Islamic finance…

Importance of Cost Reduction and Control

The success of any organization largely depends on how strategically cost is managed compared with that of competitors. It certainly provides…

Regulatory Framework for UK Banks

Because banks are critical for mobilizing the public savings, its safety and return to savers, banks need heavy regulation.

Functions of Investment Banks

Investment banks serve a valuable purpose in financial and business markets through their handling of public offerings (IPO’s) and private placements.

Impact of Foreign Bank Entry on Host Country

In many countries, the entry of foreign banks has been increased on a high scale during the 1990s especially in the countries which are less developed.